GAT is a family company which export vanilla situated in the region SAVA in the northeast of Madagascar. Create in June, 2018, our company was born by our passion for this sector. Indeed; we practice in this business for several years. In our debuts we produced, then we were collectors and assistants for the biggest companies which export in the region. Owner of several hectares of vanilla plantation; we decided to create our company in order to export our products all over the world. We ensure the quality of our products upstream and downstream by working directly with producers.

Global Agri-Trade ( GAT), Malagasy legislation, Company supplier of Vanilla.

Actor of the Agri-business, GAT gives to his customers natural products, transform and handled manually, who will guarantee an irreproachable quality in a total transparency.

Producer / Collector of the Region of SAVA of Madagascar, a region recognized for the perfect adequacy of Earth with the production of Vanilla.

– Supplier for a global market, through its control and its experience in the collection and the transformation of Vanilla, GAT supplies irreproachable quality of natural Vanillas. Locally or internationally,

–  In cooperative profile, in an optics of FAIR TRADE. GAT puts in the center of its concern, and in a total transparency every chain of the production of the Vanilla dries. From the producer to the final delivery of the Product. By creating strong long-term relationships with its customers.