The quality charter for GAT is a commitment towards all the actors of the production of the Vanilla of Madagascar and especially to the customer.

These commitments are built on 3 Pillars:

>Requirement on the production line

>Focus on the Fair trade (Fair trade)

>The ethics

1Requirement on the Production line

> The collection:

The collection is a key stage of the production of the Natural Vanilla, this first chain guarantees the quality of the end product. Of this fact GAT makes a commitment to be require during the collection of the green Vanilla, the respect for allotted time, and especially to collect only mature Vanillas. Of this fact these requirements will assure the quality of the end product.

>  The transformation (processing):

With the aim of mastering every chain of the production, GAT invested in infrastructure to have a follow-up permanent of the transformation of Vanilla. By its experience and its control of the procedures of transformation, the product is submitted to meticulous and constant checks during the total duration of the transformation. GAT also makes a commitment to keep the ancestral method of transformation to guarantee a natural product.

> Conditioning and storage :

GAT masters perfectly the steps of conditioning of the Vanilla of Madagascar, a technique which allows to maintain the freshness and the quality of the product.

2 Focus on the Fair trade:

In the optics of GLOBAL TRADING, the fair trade, which became a problem is one of the watchwords of GAT. By being focus on the Fair trade, GAT has to answer the commitments below:

Transparency in front of the partner local Producers.

Transparency in front of the customers.

In its strategy of Trader for a global market, GAT, through the Fair trade, tends to build relationships of trust and sustainable with his customers.

3 The Ethics

Trading with ethics is the archetypal commitment of GAT to   GAT’s partners and GAT’s customers. Therefore, GAT makes a commitment on a total respect for the business, for the sector, the practices and especially for Legislations in force.